Sales Tax Rates At Your Fingertips

Is your office or store in California but you need a New York State sales tax rate?

Find the sales and/or use tax for any ZIP code in the U.S. A built-in tax calculator will also calculate the total amount to collect form your customer. Reporting codes included!

Log in to your Subscriber Portal, enter a ZIP code, get a sales tax rate!  It is that simple and fast.

Easy to Use - intuitive interface.

Built-in Tax Calculator - for the full sale + tax amount.

Jurisdiction Breakdown - for easier reporting.

Special Rules - such as if shipping is taxable.

Other Communities - that share the same ZIP.

A Google Map - see where the ZIP is located.

Easy to Use, Mobile Friendly, and Fast Results!

Enter a ZIP, get a rate! Enter a dollar amount to calculate the total sale.

Enter a ZIP code and get a tax rateSales Tax lookup on Tablet.