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Anti-tax group says internet tax bill could cost businesses thousands

by Lucinda Rowlands October 25, 2013

internet tax bill internet tax bill As Congress continues to debate the Marketplace Fairness Act, opponents and supporters of the internet tax bill continue to release new information for their causes. An anti-tax group, the True Simplification of Taxes, just released a study saying this new law could cost businesses
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Amazon’s vested interest in universal online sales tax

by Lucinda Rowlands October 21, 2013

universal online sales tax universal online sales tax With the addition of a new Amazon distribution center in Kenosha, WI, the number one largest online retailer will soon be collecting sales tax from almost 50% of the American population. Amazon will begin collecting Wisconsin sales taxes on Nov. 1 and
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Marketplace Fairness Act progresses to Senate debate

by Chuck April 26, 2013

Marketplace Fairness Act progresses Marketplace Fairness Act progresses This month the United States took a big step toward throwing out the concept of nexus. On April 22nd, the Senate voted 74-20 to bring the Marketplace Fairness Act (S.743) to the floor for debate. This is significant progress as bills typically
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Sales tax ramifications of doing business in multiple states

by Chuck August 16, 2012

What can happen when your business takes you across state borders? These days it is not uncommon for even small businesses to work in many states simultaneously. While this is excellent for growing a customer base, doing business across state lines can create very complicated sales tax ramifications. There are several
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Does “Main street Fairness” amount to taxation without representation?

by Lucinda Rowlands April 12, 2012

Main street Fairness Main street Fairness By Charles F. Spielmann, Zip2Tax Main Street fairness and streamlined sales tax… What could sound more appealing? Who’s going to argue against fairness? I mean, you can hardly go wrong when you’re supporting good ole’ Main Street with its suggestion of American flags flying
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Establishing sales tax nexus

by Chuck June 17, 2011

sales tax nexus sales tax nexus Basic rules about establishing nexus How do you know whether your business has established sales tax nexus in a given state? There are no uniform, across-the-board set of laws that apply across all states. While each state has its own specific laws, in general, nexus
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